What are the advantages of touch all-in-one

Now there are more and more automation products, which not only help people simplify the program to a certain extent, but also facilitate the staff. In some automation programs, it can also protect customers’ privacy and avoid the leakage of customers’ relevant information. Touch all-in-one machine is a good example. At present, we can see it in major public places. The following editor will summarize it for you Relevant knowledge of.

Touch all-in-one machine makes us as comfortable as using our own mobile phone. We no longer need to face the staff and bundle the relevant software and touch screen. In addition, it is a convenient product for the public to use with other packaging or products, that is, to use touch and control as a whole, which effectively improves people’s work efficiency and saves more time for people to do other things thing. It is widely used in hospitals, shopping malls and banks.

What are the advantages of touch all-in-one?

1. Touch all-in-one machine not only supports USB interface, but also supports handwriting function, which brings convenience to the masses.

2. Touch the special base, which can be adjusted according to the appropriate degree.

3. Multi touch, can support ten fingers touch at the same time.

4. The angle is adjustable, allowing the user to adjust at will, 30 ° or 90 ° or large elevation angle can be adjusted to

5. Resistive touch screen, do not worry about the touch screen is not accurate, it can be accurately positioned.

6. Touch will not move freely, even if there is a move, it can be automatically modified to the correct position.

7. You can not only touch with your fingers, but also use a soft pen instead of your fingers.

8. It has high definition and sensitivity. It can work in any environment.

9. The click life can reach 1 million times, without the help of mouse and other media, as long as the finger can solve the problem. It reflects the interaction between human and machine.

What should be paid attention to when installing touch all in one machine?

1. As most of the touch screen parts are made of glass, the glass is easy to cut hands, so special care should be taken when installing, and safety gloves should be worn as far as possible.

2. The touch screen belongs to the fragile glass, no matter it is transported or installed, it can’t be knocked or pressed by other foreign matters.

3. The touch screen is divided into two sides, one is the film surface, that is, the touch surface, and the other is the back of the glass. Follow the instructions when installing.

4. Generally, there are leads on the touch screen. When you take it, you should pay attention to avoid pulling the leads, resulting in poor contact or open circuit.

5. It is not allowed to bend the reinforcement plate of the outgoing line, which is easy to cause the circuit breaking and other phenomena.

6. No matter which part of the parts should be handled gently during installation to avoid scratching the touch screen.

Touch all-in-one machine has brought great convenience to our life, but we should try our best to pay attention to it when we use it. If there is any problem, we should contact the staff in time. There are so many summary about touch all-in-one machine. I hope we can help you!

Post time: Jan-14-2021