What are the classification and advantages of advertising machine

Advertising machine is a new generation of intelligent information equipment, controlled by terminal software, network information transmission and multimedia terminal display, forming a complete advertising broadcast control system, which can be used through pictures, text, video, small plug-in (weather, etc.) and other multimedia materials for advertising.

In the face of a variety of advertising machine products on the market, industry users should ensure the maximum use of investment. In the process of selection and purchase, we must understand clearly in order to enter the market and compete.

Advertising machine classification:

According to the function division, it is mainly divided into: stand-alone advertising machine, network advertising machine (3G / WiFi), touch advertising machine, etc.

According to the installation mode, it is mainly divided into: vertical advertising machine, wall mounted advertising machine, T-type advertising machine, etc.

According to the application scope, it can be divided into indoor advertising machine, outdoor advertising machine, building advertising machine, vehicle advertising machine, etc.

According to the display mode, it can be divided into vertical advertising machine, horizontal advertising machine, split screen advertising machine, etc.


Features of advertising machine

1. Advertising machine beyond time and space limit

The media companies that need to carry out advertising will broadcast the advertisements in more time, and the LED advertising function will be on call all the time.

2. Advertising machine disseminates various media information

Take words, sounds, images and other information as an example, the advertising of video extraction becomes more vivid and humanized.

3. Advertising machine realizes personalized customized service

The cost of personalized promotion is not high. At the same time, through the output of information, we can build a good relationship with consumers. This leads to a variety of advertising machines.

4. Strong growth of advertising machine

In the use of advertising machine to spread advertising, most of the people who watch belong to young and highly educated groups. Because this part of the group’s influence on the market is not low. Therefore, its market has great potential for development.

5. Advertising machine breaks away from traditional advertising mode

Advertising machine is advanced, such as buying newspapers and distributing leaflets. Advertising equipment has the characteristics of multi-directional communication, which is easy to be accepted by the majority of groups.

6. Advertising machine is highly technical

The implementation of marketing must have certain technical support, change the traditional concept, meet the needs of media companies and customers.

Advertising machine promotion advantages

The target of audience is accurate: it is aimed at the audience who is about to buy.

Strong anti-interference: when consumers enter the supermarket to buy goods, their attention is on the shelf. At present, there is only this kind of advertising form, which is publicized in the form of multimedia beside the goods.

Novel form: it is the most fashionable and novel form of advertising in shopping malls.

No modification fee: any previous advertising form, including printed matter, has a fee to modify the content.

Effective cooperation with TV advertising: 1% of the cost of TV advertising, 100% of the deepening of TV advertising effect. It can be consistent with the content of TV advertising, and continue to guide consumers to buy in the important link of sales terminal.

Long advertising period: it can be carried out continuously for a long time, 365 days a year, and there is no need for manual maintenance;

Low cost, wide audience, high cost performance.

These advertising machines are widely used. Can be used for large businesses, clubs, squares, hotels, government agencies and families. The advertising content is effective, the update speed is fast, and the content can be changed at any time.

Post time: Jan-14-2021