20 years of focus on touch screen kiosks, self-service terminals, and digital signage advertising machines.

2005.3WoltersKluwer, Netherlands


Since in March 2005, the company founder Mr. Zhang and Mr. Cai who is a leader of  Yunnan Province Drug Administration, inspected the implementation of the touch all-in-one machine and drug retrieval management project in Xishuangbanna Autonomous Prefecture, Met a foreign couple who asked the way in traveling. Mr. Zhang passionately invited the couple have dinner together. During the dinner, Mr. Zhang learned that they come from  “Wolters Kluwer” which is an information services company in Netherlands. They also want to bring back some Chinese product information. Coincidentally Mr. Zhang introduced his own entrepreneurship and the touch all-in-one machine products he currently operates. The two parties had a great conversation, although unable to talk about more in-depth product details, they kept email and addresses, as well as taking photos together. Mr. Zhang invited them to visit his company in Shenzhen for further communication in the future.

2005.3WoltersKluwer, Netherlands 1

2005.3WoltersKluwer, Netherlands 2

In the end 2006, product manager Jammel from Wolters Kluwer attended for CHTF. Who authorized to visit our company based on trust. Jameel purchased LX8075 and LX8074 touch all-in-one productsimmlearned samples at once after learning samples and quality details. Even though we were only small scale and little workers.

2005.3WoltersKluwer, Netherlands 3

2005.3WoltersKluwer, Netherlands 4

2005.3WoltersKluwer, Netherlands 5

Previous orders finished smoothly, excellent technical support and after-sale services, as well ask new production introduction, which keep our continuous cooperation.


As shown below, 48pcs touch screen all-in-one machines Model LX8075 had been well prepared for "Wolters Kluwer" company in May 2007.

2005.3WoltersKluwer, Netherlands 6

2005.3WoltersKluwer, Netherlands 7

2005.3WoltersKluwer, Netherlands 8

2005.3WoltersKluwer, Netherlands 9

2005.3WoltersKluwer, Netherlands 10

2005.3WoltersKluwer, Netherlands 11

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