LUXURING-Professional OEM & ODM touch screen kiosk manufacturer over 20 years.

Because of a sincere encounter, a big customer from the Netherlands was attracted,then the two sides became long-term friends and this Dutch customer has placed multiple orders for touch screen inforation kiosks.
The uninvited guests suddenly broke in, but was saved. It turned out that they wanted to use the queuing system for Republic of Cameroon.
After several rounds of communication and recommendations, the Bulgarian guest finally chose the dual-screen cash deposit machine.
Friends of friends are also friends, win-win cooperation, jointly promote the promotion of touch screen kiosks in the Japanese market.
Came from the Italian STANLEYBET Group, met at Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center to discuss Self Service Kiosks
Kevin’s old customer, Pakistani friend Mohammad Yousaf, purchased payment kiosks.
From Dubai in the Middle East and from the Canton Fair, we introduced digital signage advertising screens for Dubai Mall.
Luxuring Casino's double-sided and four-sided display screen are in full swing at the MGM Hotel in Macau
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Shenzhen Langxin Electron Co., Ltd.
LUXURING is a digital kiosk manufacturer which focusing on reach and development, design, production, and sales of touch screen kiosk and advertising display screen.
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