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OEM&ODM Service we provide
Provide professional customized services such as appearance and structure design, product production, and logo customization
Langxin has more than 100 items products.
We provide advertising machine terminals and self-service ordering machines from appearance design, function module customization, screen customization, color, and logo customization services, which can be customized on demand.
  One-stop service from exterior 3D design to production
  Personalized on-demand customization
  Light customization: appearance color, logo customization
  50,000+ experience in customized services for government and enterprise projects
Use real A-standard original panel module screens
●  Aluminum alloy profiles
● Flexible color selection
● Formed by laser/CNC and mold
technological process

Production order, Cartography, Sheet metal production, Surface treatment, Assembly, Pack and ship.

1. Cartography
Design appearance dimensions as required, Send the customer to confirm the modification details, Break down the components.
2. Sheet metal production
CNC blanking/laser cutting, Bending/welding, Enter the semi-finished product area.
3. Surface treatment
Grinding/rust removal/ pickling/ flood drying, Primer/ Filling/ Smoothing/ Priming/ Tackling/… Spray paint/dry, Spray topcoat/high temperature baking room
4. Assembly
Assembling interior hardware, Assembling touch modules and expansion modules, Debugging/ burning-in
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production workshop
At present, Langxin has more than 100 items products now, with CE/FCC/ROHS, and other certificates, Langxin has 8 R&D engineers, an average of 13 new products are developed every year.
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Product advantages
Equipment appearance design and process advantages:
Cabinet box
Different from the 0.8-1.0mm plates used in common advertising machine material products on the market, our cabinet material and internal design are completely comparable to high-end self-service terminals. The plates are cold rolled with a thickness of 1.5-2.0mm. Steel plate production, high toughness, not easy to deform; formed by laser/CNC and mold; internal structure and other auxiliary parts are formed by 2.0mm reinforced steel plate mold; each accessory structure is based on the combination of practicality and aesthetics, and is designed to maximize We meet practical requirements such as easy maintenance, easy disassembly and assembly, and reduced failure rates, and strive to improve the user's operating experience.
The surface treatment is exquisite and flawless
Taking the surface treatment of the car as a comparison, using brand environmentally friendly paint + high-temperature oven color fixation + strict process control, the surface color is uniform, no patches, no particles adhering, and no defects; after polishing and scraping There are more than a dozen processes including primer, leveling, water washing, oxidation, rust removal, three coats of primer, three coats of topcoat plus varnish, and high-temperature drying. Surface spraying is divided into two types: matte and gloss. The matt color has a uniform thickness, the paint surface is smooth, smooth and firm; the gloss color is sprayed with a layer of varnish on top of the matt color. The surface effect of the varnish is similar to that of the car. The surface is exactly the same, the color is bright and shiny, anti-fouling and sun-proof, and durable. The interior is primed twice to prevent rust and scratches. Can pass various environmental protection index tests.
Aluminum alloy profiles
Made of industrial pure aluminum with good ductility, it is formed by hot melt extrusion, cooling, CNC processing, bending, surface spraying, oxidation treatment, and finally chamfering composite treatment. It can meet different process requirements and supporting needs of use places.
Internal electromechanical equipment includes
Sound amplifier: stereo effect, 2*8W speakers, internal magnetic type. Heat dissipation treatment: built-in 12V dual cooling fans, good effect. Network interface: RJ45 eight-core standard communication interface. Reset switch: No need to open the cabinet, just install the external reset switch, which is convenient and fast. Control power supply: built-in safe and reliable power external leads and sockets. External USB interface, you can copy data without opening the case, which is convenient and fast.
Flexible color selection
The color palette is rich, and color combinations can be selected according to user requirements.
Advantages of accessories
All touch screens use real A-standard original panel module screens, with bright colors and stable performance, which greatly reduces product maintenance rates.
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Our Cases - what we finished
So far we have cooperated with 200 companies from industries . Although they differ from industry and country, they choose to work with us for the same reasonwe offer high-quality products and service at more competitive prices.
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