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2008.1 Africa Cameroon


2008.1 Africa Cameroon 1

The Republic of Cameroon, commonly known as Cameroon,it is a unitary republic located in central and western Africa. It borders Nigeria to the west, Chad and Central Africa to the northeast and east respectively, and Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and the Republic of Congo to the south. It has a land area of 475,442 square kilometers, the country is divided into 10 regions, 58 provinces, and 360 cities and towns. The capital Yaounde has a population of 28.61 million (2023) [9] [15]. There are about more than 200 ethnic groups, mainly Fulbe. Tribe, Bamilek Tribe, Equatorial Bantu Tribe, etc.

2008.1 Africa Cameroon 2

There were 6 complete stranger African customers visited our company on 1st January 2008, who found our address on company website and come from Guangzhou. They are  Cameroonian and focused on touch screen queuing machine products.

2008.1 Africa Cameroon 3

Manager Zhang showed the Bank of China queue number system software front-end and back-end management system.

2008.1 Africa Cameroon 4

2008.1 Africa Cameroon 5

Manager Zhang showed the success examples on a computer that the products for Chinese customers.

2008.1 Africa Cameroon 6

Customer tested the operational practicality. After telling their requirements, he went back to Guangzhou.

2008.1 Africa Cameroon 7

After several emails exchanging, we got deposit for 20pcs calling system directly in June. We aggrandized pluggable card reader equipment and portable wheels as required, based on thermal printer with original standard accessories.  

Internal structure design drawing as following:

2008.1 Africa Cameroon 8

Product pictures as shown:

2008.1 Africa Cameroon 9

2008.1 Africa Cameroon 10

2008.1 Africa Cameroon 11

2008.1 Africa Cameroon 12

As shown below:  auxiliary facility for the queuing and calling system, LED bar display, pager, etc.

2008.1 Africa Cameroon 13

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