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Outdoor Advertising Info Payment Kiosk Customized Led Monitor With Dual Screen 1
Outdoor Advertising Info Payment Kiosk Customized Led Monitor With Dual Screen 2
Outdoor Advertising Info Payment Kiosk Customized Led Monitor With Dual Screen 1
Outdoor Advertising Info Payment Kiosk Customized Led Monitor With Dual Screen 2

Outdoor Advertising Info Payment Kiosk Customized Led Monitor With Dual Screen

Optional parts: We may install different parts into our kiosk for you to achieve different functions.   Such as : Camera, Barcode scanner, document scanner, thermal printer, A4 printer, magnetic swipe card reader, inductive IC/ID card reader, 64 or 16bits metal keyboard, fingerprint reader, coin & bill acceptor.


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    画板 1 拷贝 7 (10)
    画板 1 拷贝 7 (10)
    画板 1 拷贝 (14)
    画板 1 拷贝 (14)
    画板 2 (9)
    画板 2 (9)
    画板 1 拷贝 2 (13)
    画板 1 拷贝 2 (13)
    画板 1 拷贝 3 (13)
    product features

    First class electrolysis plate, cold rolled plate with metal baking varnish (5layers, color optional).

    Steroelectronic effects, Magnetic proof sound box.

    Each function module is independent, easy to assemble and disassemble;

    Support software updating function

    Multi-language OSD: English, Chinese etc.

    Function module design and flexible configuration enables our kiosk,compatible for most of the IT accessories on the market;

    Antirust, antiabrasion baked varnish technology, overall antivandalism and steel construction all over;

    Special heat output system may maintain same temperature of the internal environment and the outside to provide more stable working condition for the computer and avoid malfunction;

    Ready to use by plugging the power supply, no bother for assembling yourself.

    Product advantages

    ● Beautiful design and low cost;

    Stable quality, main parts are branded products from famous IT international providers;

    Professionalism in R&D and manufacturing.   We are one of the very few factories in China which have the ability to both design and produce touch screen kiosks.

    Perfect after sale service, fast response and repair service;

    Have the most successful cases over almost every fields.

    画板 1 拷贝 6 (9)

    Product parameters

    Monitor size

     32", 37", 42", 47", 55", 60", etc

    Touch screen

    Sound acoustic wave/Infrared; Single point life: over 50million times, Max resolution 4096*4096


     Industrial LCD display, Samsung/LG brands; Max resolution: 1280*1024

    PC host

    • Intel D525 dual core CPU/DDRII 1-2G RAM/320G HDD/Integrated motherboard with sound card/graphic card and 10-100M net card.
    • PS.: The configuration of the PC host is optional due to customer's requirements or place order without PC host



    •  Material: Cold rolled plate, baked varnish surface;
    •  Color: Optional;
    •  Sound system: Internal magnetic Stereo amplifier, 2.2W amplifier board, 8Ω10W loudspeaker 2pcs;
    •  Heat output: Internal 12V fans to achieve better ventilation effect;
    •  Power supply: Input voltage AC 100-240V 50/60Hz; Inrush current 3A;
    •  Power: < 200W;
    •  Interface: RJ45 net port; External USB interface(optional);
    •  Switch: No need to open the kiosk panel, you may open or shut down the computer via the external reset button


    Kiosk size

    H1900*W480*D370 MM

    Working environment

    • Temperature: 0~45°C; 
    • Relative Humidity: 30%-90%



    • Windows XP
    • Windows 7
    • Linux


    Main function

    Information searching, make payment, print coupons, product display, advertising ......

    画板 1 拷贝 4 (14)
    画板 1 拷贝 4 (14)
    画板 1 拷贝 5 (11)
    画板 1 拷贝 5 (11)
    画板 1 拷贝 8 (12)
    画板 1 拷贝 8 (12)


    Are you a factory or trading company ? What is the MOQ of Payment kiosks?
    Yes, we are factory direct sales and have some items in stock , you can order 1pcs for test.
    What is the delivery time? Where do you ship of touch screen?
    Generally speaking , the goods can be delivered within 5-7 days for small orders, and the production time about 15 days for more than 10pcs. In addition, our factory is located in Bao’an, Shenzhen. If you have forwarder in Shenzhen or Guangzhou, we can help shipment to your fowarder .
    Could you provide OEM&ODM service of Payment kiosks?
    Of course , including software, packaging, product logo, etc.,consult customer service for more details.
    What is the warranty period of Payment kiosks?
    Normally it is 1 year, we have aprofessional after-sales service team, specific details can consult customer service.
    How do you guarantee the quality of your Payment kiosks?
    Our products comply with ISO9001 quality system and CE/FCC/ROHS standards.
    Get in touch with us
    Just leave your email or phone number in the contact form so we can send you a free quote for our wide range of designs!
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